Pocket Pistol Teat [PPT]

PPT is a pocket-pistol gun holster. A unique alternative to existing fabric/plastic pocket pistol holsters. An aluminum frame includes a peg or Teat which is inserted into the gun barrel. The frame/Teat serves to support the gun vertically in the pocket – it’s that simple!

PPT Design Features:

  • PPT holster accommodates numerous gun brands/sizes and calibers with a single device [see pictures 1, 4-6].  With Teat .340″ diameter, calibers 380, 38, 9mm and .357 are interchangeable on the same PPT; semi-automatics and revolvers.  Presently a 22 caliber Teat is also available [picture 6].  Teats are interchangeable by hand-threading onto stainless steel support stud.
  • Separating the gun from the PPT is unencumbered with “slippery” acetal copolymer [Delrin] plastic Teat….easy to “draw”
  • PPT weighs just 1.1 oz!  Allows air circulation around gun/holster assembly due to small size and geometry.
  • PPT curved  Right Hand and Left Hand models comform to thigh radius for enhanced user comfort.
  • PPT includes a Trigger Guard.  Sturdy aluminum or stainless steel Trigger Guard can be formed [bent] conforming to gun variations. 


 Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3



Pistol sits in pocket [red] as shown. Pockets come in many shapes and sizes. Gun may lean slightly forward or backward depending on pocket detail, but always vertical. Shown S & W BodyGuard 380 caliber.

Picture shows recommended hand & finger placement while inserting or removing gun. This grip compacts palm/fingers for minimal restriction in-out pocket.

  • Frame: anodized aluminum 5052-H32
  • Trigger Guard: anodized aluminum 6061 or 304 stainless steel
  • Teat: acetal copolymer [Delrin]
  • Hardware: [screws] 18-8 stainless steel



Glock 42, 380 caliber with laser sight accessory

Sig Sauer P365, 9mm

North America Arms 22 magnum Pug. Teat changed to .215 diameter. Trigger guard can be removed at owner discretion with strictly double-action guns; hammer always positioned between cylinders.



Caution safety statement:

  • Manufactures of semi-automatic pistols recommend NOT carrying a round in the chamber. While this is commonly violated, an empty chamber cannot accidentally discharge. Pocket Pistol Teat [PPT] also recommends conceal-carry on an empty chamber!
  • Do not carry ANYTHING else in the pocket with the PPT and gun.
  • If gun equipped with a manual safety…..use it!

Made in: Southern Pines, North Carolina, U.S.A [Patent Pending]


Small but Mighty!

I have carried this holster for 3 weeks. I have tried many different holsters with my pocket pistol 380.  I have used a wallet holster, IWB, and ankle hoolster. All are good options, but they have their drawbacks.  When I saw the design of the PPT holster I was intrigued. It was small and light [1 oz.].  Could it work? You may ask why do I need a PPT holster?  Couldn’t I just put my gun in my pocket? Well, you could, but I wouldn’t advise it. The PPT holster solves all the problems of front pocket carry in a small package. It keeps the gun positioned securely vertical in your pocket [with a trigger guard] so it is in the same spot every time.  I have practiced drawing many times, the holster never snags.  The only time I have noticed the gun printing in my front pocket is when I was wearing one pair of dress pants that were made with thinner material. Overall the gun disappears in your pocket. As I mentioned in the title, the PPT holster is small but mighty. The PPT holster offers solutions to all of the pocket carry problems. You will find it is so simple to carry your firearm, that you will actually carry it all the time [that’s a good thing].  I highly recommend you give this product a try, you won’t regret it.

Jason B.